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That is, from this scheme each one must make the content and include what he considers appropriate.. Background where the company comes from and where it is, with special attention to the field of marketing b. How information moves within the company and from where information obtains agents that relate to the company c. How customers interact with the company, where, what networks they are, what they care about or what they influence, what channels we used to communicate with them, apart from the traditional ones. Where the instagram pva service organization wants to go. Swot of the company, with special attention to the marketing area. Listen to the conversation identify and secure the brand in social platforms: blogs, facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, etc. B. Monitor platforms c. Use keywords that identify our industry, industry, activity and competitors and analyze the comments that are made. Network marketing objectives.

Create and define the profile of our recipients. Define the sociodemographic profile we are instagram pva service looking for age, gender, family size. Identify desired attitudes, motivations and benefits. B. Determine specific objectives to be achieved with each of the target groups. Brand awareness, increase of traffic in my website or platforms, search of partners or collaborators, reduction of costs, increase of sales, etc.. Strategic lines to develop. Virtual-physical linking. B. Organization in digital media. Digital identity of the buy instagram pva company. D. User support. Social crm actions f. Develop co-operation and innovation processes. Conversation. Tools and social actions b. Specify a planned schedule of action. Days in which to publish, who will manage to organize the content of what will be discussed. It must seek to speak of the same in a consistent, transparent and authentic, generating credibility and interest. Is defined as the evolutionary phases that the instagram pva service internet has undergone in its years of history. The main difference between the two is based on the fact that during phase.

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Apply techniques and tools of social metrics to measure results of social actions. Return-on-investment roi analysis. Has the company succeeded in being part of the conversation? What is the perception of us compared to the competition? What are the keys to our relationship? Are we developing dialogues or monologues? B. Quantitative. Analysis of web pages, mentions in social networks, rankings, etc.. Control and feedback of the development of the plan. No one doubts that the internet has forever changed the paradigm of life, the way companies and people communicate, relationships, leisure habits and consumption. Throughout the last decades, the functionalities and possibilities that the internet offers have evolved, firsthand of web., currently with web. And ahead of the future, the advantages will come in the form of web. Currently, we are in a phase of digital revolution, with the advent of web. And its philosophy.

It has arrived and has settled definitively in people and companies. The demand to understand the digital revolution is a necessary condition to lead change. The professional challenge we face in the field of communication, is not simply adapt to change as if it were a fashion, the level of demand in the approach is much greater and involves understanding and controlling the new characteristics of social media. In other words, what is involved is to be protagonists of the technological revolution, not mere spectators. The social networks that have developed in the center of the web. Represent of its philosophy, the most human part of technology, where people enter and are the main protagonists. Examples of all this: politicians change their communication strategies, big brands have changed their investment by directing their money in social marketing campaigns over traditional advertising and a long etc. The evidence of change is palpable and we must join the change to see here be at the forefront of new technologies and take advantage of all the benefits that web. Reports for companies. What we call web.